Welcome to Saki Shears, where innovation and precision unite.

Designed for the advanced stylist, Saki Shears are handmade with the finest Japanese steel for the finest cut every time. We understand, as a professional you not only need a product you can count on, but one that will compliment you as a stylist as well as provide your client with nothing less than the best results.

Comfort, durability and precision are amongst the top priorities in the design of our hair shears. Each shear is handmade, ensuring a smooth and precise cut. An ergonomic design allows you to cut in comfort while the stainless steel and titanium coating provide long lasting performance.

Saki Shears thrives on excellence in both our product and our customer service. We appreciate all feedback and welcome any questions, concerns and/or comments. If you would like to get in touch, please do so through our “Contact Us” page.